Nikon EX system: Any chance?

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Re: Nikon EX system: Any chance?

mosswings wrote:

You're barking up a tree that Thom Hogan has already attacked.

Nikon has patented recently (and provocatively) a short flange depth lens design for what appears to be a potential mirrorless DX system a la Canon's M. Hogan speculates that around the 2014-2015 time frame we will see a mirrorless version of the D3xxx/5xxx series begin to appear alongside their DSLRs, completely replacing the D3xxx in 2016 or so.

Mirrorless F-mount cameras should appear earlier. Maybe the D3300?

Although such a system could use the F-mount, it would still need an adapter to use legacy lenses; a new mirrorless system would require a completely new lens line to take maximal advantage of the size and weight potential of mirrorless.

If the system requires an adapter, what is the advantage compared to having a new lens mount? An F-mount camera that cannot use legacy F-mount glass seems a bit pointless.

Remember, though, that although there indeed would be 3 (actually, 4, if you count DX lenses) systems, the smaller format mount systems would not be as extensive as the full f-mount system and would be less of a resource drain. Remember that the primary buyers of the C and DX-based systems don't purchase for than 1.5 lenses for their cameras and those tend to be convenience zooms.

A mirrorless system won't need more than 10 or 12 lenses (if the F-mpunt adapter is good).


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