Nikon EX system: Any chance?

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john Clinch wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

You want Nikon to support yet another mount. This would be the business equivalent of installing a shredder in accounts branch so you don't have to waste time counting money.

Well, they can share technology and parts from both F-mount and the 1 system, so it won't cost them too much.

Canon, Sony and Leica support two lens mounts, Pentax/Ricoh four.

And they don't need another mount.

What there will be ( almost certainly ) is a mirrorless EVF based entry level DSLR or two, but they'll still be F-mount.

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I agree with this Stephen. But I also wonder if that new camera might have a kit ln that mounts closer to the sensor than the Current F mount, with an adaptor in the box for Ff mount lenses.....

Sure we will see mirrorless F-mount cameras. They won't be much larger than MFT DSLR style cameras. For CSC style cameras the F-mount is not appropriate (and the 1 system while ok as a "Coolpix system" is not interesting for ethusiasts).


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