Printing problem with lightroom 3 and Epson 3880. Oversaturated compared to CS4

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: John, Win or MAC OS?

bowman wrote:

The problem has been in the actual print but the preview has shown an exagerated effect to the print problem.

I'm glad that you are getting good prints now, even if the original cause is still a bit of a mystery.

As far as the preview goes, and I assume you mean the Epson preview, it simply tries to show you the data that has been sent to the printer - it's not colour managed. If you are letting PS manage colours then the image sent to the printer has been converted to the printer colour space; in other words the RGB values have been drastically modified and the preview is showing the modified values.

I still use the Epson preview most of the time because a) it allows me to check the image placement on the paper and b) if the image looks green and washed-out (for my printer) I know that PS is managing colour.

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