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Re: RX100 - Auto Crop for Portrait

GrenadineMan wrote:

I love the auto portrait framing feature in the RX100. I shoot my photos in manual. Yes I am a control freak.

I do a lot of street/random photography. I almost always shoot my photos with with scene composition of 30 % subject, and 70% background. And a lot of times I wish that I had ignored the background because of all the crap that creeps in between composing the shot and when the shot is taken. The Auto Portrait feature automatically removes the background, keeps the subjects faces and turns the pictures into portraits. In this way I have unknowingly got some stunning portraits without knowing that I got them.

Also, I get to keep both the pictures, the original with the background, and the portrait.

Absolutely love this feature.

Sounds like an interesting use of the auto portrait framing feature  in the RX100.

Do you have any examples to post here?

The originals with the backgrounds, and the portraits?

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