RX100 or M43?

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Re: RX100 or M43?

rkhndjr wrote:

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rkhndjr wrote:

This may be asked before, and I am new here, but having a LX3 as my only camera at this time I am pondering other cameras and money is a factor. The lenses for MFT cams throws me off to tell the truth. Is the RX100 truly as amazing as many say? The questions about corner softness make me ask this. Any help will be appreciated.

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Do you plan on selling your beloved LX3 to fund your purchase of the Sony RX100?

And, if money is a factor ,and you have health issues as you say, and you are perfectly satisfied with the results you've gotten with your LX3 , would you want to spend $650+ for the Sony RX100? Or sell your LX3 and buyers regret it later when your beloved LX3 is gone?

Just wondering.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

And let us know if you're going to be a member of the Mighty Mite RX100 club.

Thank you. No, I would never sell the LX3, it is too good a camera. My wife is ill and I stay in the house all the time to help her.

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Sorry to hear that your wife is ill.  She should be your priority?  A camera is just a camera and the LX3 is a fine camera.

Hope she gets better soon, and that you will be out taking photographs again.  Your flower  (from your garden?) and landscape pics are nice.


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