FZ200? . . . Hmmmmmmmmm! Interesting.

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FZ200? . . . Hmmmmmmmmm! Interesting.

I used to prowl these corridors as an enthusiast for ultralight cameras and fancied myself as the FZ5/FZ8 mini-equivalent of FZ50 hard men like Trevor Carpenter and John Miles.

Since buying the FZ38 and ZS7/TS10 I have sat out, also played with a Nikon D90 acquired on Ebay, and revived my old interest in building ultralight small boats.

The loud FZ200 buzz on the Forum is good to see.  Around the FZ28/FZ38 time I was asking for

-  no more pixels

-  no more zoom

-  more light

-  better EVF

-  much better burst mode

and the FZ200 seems to be an improvement in these areas and the name-link back to the FZ20 is a nice touch, with the constant f2.8 lens.

It's already been said here that some anti-system-camera people inadvertently collect systems anyway and I am guilty of this, and I am wondering how the FZ200 relates to my current 5-camera collection:

Fuji F20, 170g

ZS7/TZ10, 219g

FZ8, 362g

FZ38, 416g

[ FZ200, 588g ]

[ FZ50, 734g ]

Nikon D90/18-105 (27-157 eqv) kit lens, 1149g.

I use the D90 (nicknamed "The Brick") as a fixed-lens camera for landscape, action, people and indoors, when size and weight don't matter.  The F20 goes to some indoor things;  the ZS7/TZ10 travels on my belt as my only travel camera;  the FZ38 is my instant-grab cam for garden birds and workshop projects;  and the FZ8, sadly, is no longer used.

Although I am anti-weight and anti-Pinocchio-lens, the FZ200 might justify its extra weight and size and might replace my FZ8 and FZ38.  Whether it might also persuade me to sell the D90 is less clear, and probably more about feeling than about logic.

If the FZ250 next year (?) is only a minor tweak of the FZ200, that might be a good time to acquire an FZ200.

Best regards to all,


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