RX100: AVCHD versus MPEG4 video?

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Re: RX100: AVCHD versus MPEG4 video?

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I have an RX100. What is the difference between recording video using AVCHD versus MPEG4? Is it a case that one format is better than the other? In which case, which format is superior? Or does each format have its own pros and cons???

simply put:

if you like smooth motion, high bit rates (compression) and are willing to spend time converting AVCHD in order to edit etc. then go for AVCHD.

mpeg4 is the simplest to use format

when you look at video stills from each, they are identical, AVCHD only renders motion better and more efficiently, also you have the 60p option

in short: mpeg4 is a no-brainer, nothing to complain about, but also not the optimum; if you go for the optimum you ve got to deal with AVCHD

well stated...I have viewed still frames captured from AVCHD and MP4on 61" TV, saw no differences, but if you are shooting high speed action AVCHD will give you the edge in capturing at faster frame rates.  AVCHD 1080 comes in 2 choices   60progressive frames per second and 60 interlaced frames per second.  the progressive choice is supposed to be superior. ( I haven't been able to tell the difference)

Amazing but although AVCHD format has been around 3 years now, I have not heard of any consumer video editing software that can edit videos shot at  AVCHD 60 progressive frame rates AND produce a 1080p AVCHD movie. It is alot easier to edit videos shot in mp4 format.  If you shoot in 1080p (AVCHD) you will probably have to convert that format to mp4 to produce your edited movie file. ( I have read that the converting process produces losses in IQ that can be perceived by some with a critical eye, but not by most).

The bottom line unless you are doing critical commercial work use MP4.

If others have found consumer oriented software that can actually work with 1080p or 1080i files without actually converting them pls chime in.

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