Ming Thein thinks "D800 is obsolete"...

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Re: Two examples

Zardoz wrote:

Hey bro,

I don't care if he's polite or not. What I care about is that the information in this forum remains as factual and as evidence based as possible, and he has continued to spout unproven and unbelievable information, despite being confronted about it multiple times with polite requests for evidence.

I have not had enough exposure to Theodoros' participation in the forum to have observed this pattern. But I am sure that I would find it frustrating if I had. I think I can see what you mean when I look at his apparent tendency in this thread to respond to disagreement by simply dismissing people's points, or ignoring some points completely in order to maintain his own opinion. He seems to fit the words on a greeting card I once saw: "My mind is made up; don't confuse me with facts!" or the old saying: "Convinced against his will, he's of the same opinion still."

With regard to my debate with him about the use of the word "photograph," it appears that -- though he never admits defeat -- he at least backs off (or gives up) when he has been clearly and reasonably shown to be wrong. Unfortunately, he seems to be incapable of actually admitting that he is wrong about something, or even that his opinion may not be the only valid one. So I guess I can see why people become frustrated with him.

What I can also understand, but have no sympathy for and find extremely distasteful, is why some of those people allow his bad behaviour to elicit bad behaviour from themselves. He cannot be blamed for that. And if they did not do that -- if instead they maintained respectful, dignified behaviour, or at least ignored him -- he would either change his behaviour or stop posting. At the very least, his threads would die out fairly quickly. These people are feeding the fire, then complaining about the heat.

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