The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: More or less my story too.

thanks guys for the detailed explanation. I like to think for the most part that if it aint broke, dont try to fix it. I mean I dont want nikon taking my camera apart unless I have a real issue or until someone can take one of these apart or can record what exactly takes place during a mirror movement and shutter release. It would require proper  equipment to do it and a proper technician. If the worst case is that the dust is related to the scratch, it could mean that a re design is in order but that could be months to years away. Also as a d7000 owner, I know they never admitted a defect and replaced the mirror box on some cameras only and even at that point some still got oil/dust after said repair. Some people said the motor that is in the mirror assembly had excessive oil and was splashing on the sensor but that did not explain the dust and even with a new mirror assembly the issue came back. My hopes on this issue getting FULLY resolved are none. I just know nikon and the history of repairs is not very good. I also noticed one thing. If you hold the camera with the mirror exposed. tilt it back and up and look under the mirror, you will notice two slits on either side it is almost like a gap on the left and right. This would actually allow more dust in than anything else. my d7000 is flat and has no gaps on either side.

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