Advice on SLT and sensor cleaning - A77

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Re: Advice on SLT and sensor cleaning - A77

pierre_x wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

pierre_x wrote:

From Sony Asia:

Don't bother quoting Sony's maintenance recommendations. They don't want anyone to clean their own sensors with anything that contacts the surface either:

If everyone followed that advice, we'd be sending all of our cameras, not just SLTs, to Sony every few months.


That's a good point. But everybody needs to know that if something goes wrong during the wet cleaning of the mirror, you'll have to pick up the tab.

Also could you to tell clearly Reinhardt that he can do a wet cleaning of the mirror and that you guarantee he will not have any problem.

I am ready to hear from SLT users, how many are able to do a wet cleaning (to get rid of sticky stuff on the mirror) in the field (get cleaning stuff out of you pocket/bag, turn your back against the wind or move behind a wall, rock, a car) and go for it, be done about 2mn?
You pick any other DSLR camera, you can do it with no risk of damage.

I done it, yesterday. Cleaning fingerprint out of A77 mirror. No problems what so ever - went buttery-smooth.

Used standard sensor wet cleaning set. I have bought replacement mirror around half a year ago (just in case) so I wasn't bothered much, but seems like I won't be using it any time soon, as the mirror appears to be by far more resistant then I expected it to be.

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