Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

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Re: Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

By "importing images" do you mean from the card to the computer? or from the computer to the Lightroom catalog?

I've never used Bridge for importing either way. When I first got Lightroom it wanted to do the download as soon as I put the card in the reader but I turned that off.

For importing from the card to the computer I use Downloader Pro. I'm sure there are lots of similar programs out there. This program allows me to change the name of the file so I'm not working with DSC_4932 type stuff. I can work with a file with a real descriptive name. It makes it so much easier to find things later and someone else will know immediately what the image subject is.

You can do this in Lightroom to some extent now (I didn't know how to do this when I started using Downloader Pro) but since I have a workflow that works for me I haven't changed it. I looked at that a year or two ago but decided to stick with what I have for some reason I've now forgotten.

Not only does DPro allow me to put a descriptive name on the file it sends it to a folder with the same name as a subfolder of the year the photo was taken. Additional organizational stuff there.

Then first thing I do after using the program is to copy all the files to my backup disk.

When I then import the images to Lightroom I make sure to add tags to all the images describing the subject. The next step in my workflow is to reject the duds (out of focus, shots of my foot, things like that), then add additional tags to individual photos identifying features not common to all the shots (people's names, locations, other stuff like that). After that I can do whatever editing is necessary, and do the final selection.

When that's all done I backup everything again so I have the .XMP files with the Lightroom edit info included.

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