M Mount Wide Angles and RAW - X series

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Robert L Jones Regular Member • Posts: 358
Re: M Mount Wide Angles and RAW - X series

The Fuji adapter is no better. Both the Kipon and Fuji are effectively only extension tubes: there is no magic in the handling of the angle of peripheral light rays with the close registration distance of the M-series wide angle lenses.

The Fuji adapter simply differs by having electronic contacts that allow you to set the focal length for in-camera correction of color shifts and light fall-off. This has nothing to do with smearing, which is a function of the registration distance and the exit angle of the peripheral rays from non-retro focus designed wide angle lenses. The only fix for such legacy lenses are micro-lenses on the pixels of the sensor. These are not present on current Fuji sensors in the X-Pro1 or X-E1 bodies.

(BTW, I own both adapters and several M-series lenses.)

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