LAPD can detain photographers?

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Re: LAPD can detain photographers?

GMack wrote:

Noticed at the bottom the ACLU got involved with the Long Beach Sheriff's Department for much the same. Our local newspaper photographer got stuck in "detainment" (i.e. jail) for 48 hours over the weekend for trying to tell them the guy they were arresting wasn't drunk but "mentally challenged." He took photos of the arrest as it was an editorial story unfolding and they busted him for interfering or questioning authority or some such nonsense. He was released after the weekend sit. The paper wanted an apology, but that was ignored since it wasn't an arrest, just "a 'detainment' to check out the facts."

I got questioned by a sheriff recently out in the CA desert for photographing old weathered buildings. They don't get why anyone would do that even as a hobby much less art. I just told him it was my retirement hobby to get me out of the house and walk and move around a bit. If I had said "for commercial use later," it would have led to questions about permits and insurance and other stuff since even the CA state parks now want some DP245A permit on file to shoot in them now. I don't get the connection between too much pro-looking gear (other than "Hey! You need a commercial permit Mr. Hollywood looking guy!") as being used by a terrorist over someone who really has that intent who may just use an inconspicuous cell phone or similar and not lugging around $5,000+ in gear with them. Probably a claim could be made "You must have bought all the expensive gear with drug money" and they'd seize it.


Yes Mack, we were experiencing similar behaviour by the police in the UK a while ago - making it up as they went along - usually referencing anti terrorist legislation with a touch of made up stop and search provision thrown in for good luck. It only stopped when people started to go to law about it and press photographers put unlawful stop and detain behaviour all over the front pages of their particular newspaper.  I am very pro police but if the laws are insufficient then specific laws should be drafted and approved in Parliement - not make it up as you go.

Dave. (UK)

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