V2 vs NEX 6 (side by side fact sheet)

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Re: V2 vs NEX 6 (side by side fact sheet)

jonikon wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

jonikon wrote:

Based on the Photozone reviews, It is safe to say the Sony NEX system has the poorest quality lenses of any interchangeable lens camera.

- Jon

You are right, but the latest lenses announced by Sony look very promising from the samples and early reviews and comments. It seems Sony is finally doing something to address the lens problem, and also the ergonomics problem in its latest cameras and lenses. Still waiting for more reliable and detailed tests though. Sony is engaging Olympus to help it make lenses, which is also a good sign that it taking the lens issue more seriously.

If that happens it would be a very good thing indeed for the Sony NEX cameras. However, so far all I read is promises and still more unbelievably bad lens reviews for Sony NEX lenses.

Reading the Photozone reviews for the NEX lenses is like reading the obituaries. I have never read such a high degree of disdain in lens reviews before and it can't be ignored. One star out of five for the Sony E 16mm f/2.8 optical quality is unheard of!


It's a shame really, since the NEX cameras have such nice sensors and generally good design, (especially so forthe NEX 7). But Sony needs to get all their NEX lenses to score at least 3 stars for optical quality in the Photozone tests to be considered a good choice for photography enthusiasts paying upwards of $1000 for their cameras. I know Sony could do much better and I have no idea why they have not so far. Very strange really for such an apparently important product line for Sony.

- Jon

funny, even if nex lenses are crap(which i know they are not), large sensor size of sony will easily beat to the ground nikon 1 IQ. sharpness, dynamic range, noise, bokeh. sensor size=more money to produce it. In nikon 1, your money goes to the gimmick feature

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