E-PM2 or D5100?

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Re: E-PM2 or D5100?

GuardianFlash wrote:

I have been waiting for the E-PM2. Still at least 3 more weeks until my Futureshop(here in Canada) have it in stock for sale(have a Futureshop gift card). A certain Futureshop is having a grand opening sale for this weekend only. They have the Nikon D5100 with kit lens for only $479. I don't know if I should wait for the E-PM2(which will be $599), or just pull the trigger and get the Nikon D5100 for $479.I know the E-PM2 have a sensor that performs well at high ISO, but are cropped DSLRs still that much better?

I always recommend mirrorless cameras over entry level slrs. We're getting close to the point where the results from both these systems are getting too close to put iq as a big consideration. If this is your first ILC camera go with the PEN. I have had too many people I know get slrs and have stopped using them only after a few weeks because of the size and weight. Spend that extra money to get pancake lenses as well. Don't waste less money on something that you wouldn't use down the road.

With that said, I never discourage anyone from getting full frame slrs with awesome prime lenses.

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