Xpro1. Not completely satisfied with OOC pictures.

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Re: Xpro1. Not completely satisfied with OOC pictures.

verheyph wrote:


Let's try to decribe my concern with an equation.

My PC monitor = calibrated
Jpeg Images on Xpro1 LCD = +/- what I see in the reality = beautiful
Images on my monitor = Much less saturated = flat and less attractive
Conclusion : Image on Xpro1 LCD <> Image on calibrated monitor
The same on my Sony TV

This does not happen with other bodies (Nikon D70, D200)
PP (LR4) can correct this with action on the yellow (hue -36, saturation +19)
After PP everything is aligned (and OK) but I would like to understand why I can not be more satisfied with pictures OOC after beeing OK with what I see on my camero LCD screen.

Thanks for your opinion.

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Cheers - Philippe

I see this as well shooting jpegs with an X100. My other camera is a D80 or my son's NEX5n. No issues with those two (except perhaps the NEX on outdoor shots). I see it on my iMac display or my son's cinema display. Interestingly, I see it to a far lesser extent on an iPad 3 display (way more ppi). The iMac is the only calibrated display.

However, just about all of my friends also have Apple displays and, without benefit of having the camera in front of them, none of them notice the difference. From the comments I get, the images they see have materially improved.

I put it down to the fact the X100 ooc jpegs are simply better. Certainly than my Nikon's. The ppi density of the rear lcd is closest to the iPad. Comparing those 2 shows very similar images. As someone already pointed out, the greens can be an issue. Easy to tone down.

I don't believe your observation is unique. A pro friend of mine will shoot jpeg while traveling with his Canon bodies. The ooc images on the rear lcd are much nicer than once they migrate to the computer. I'm not familiar with very expensive computer displays but just a look at an iPhone 4s display tells me our computer screens are in need of a lot of improvement.

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