Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

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Thomas Streng Senior Member • Posts: 2,754
Re: Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

micksh6 wrote:

Thomas Streng wrote:

I can also not confirm that the 35-100 should need to be stopped down to f4.0, to me the few sample images I took at f2.8 do look pretty good.

Forgot about this. If you are saying that the lens at F4.0 is not better than at F2.8 you need to ask review sites to correct their resolution charts, because they are obviously not in line with your data.

I didnt say it is the same I said that it looks good at f2.8.

And the difference between is that I dont look at charts, I look at images and trust my eyes.

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