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Re: How I destroyed my cameras

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Of course if I was concerned about a camera getting stolen I personally would not go to a location if India or Nepal fall into this category. If you are concerned about personal property what will happen to you personally. I don't need to see the World that bad.

In all my time here i´ve known exactly one person who had something stolen. I don´t want to speak too much for India as i´ve witnessed some bad treatment of tourists there but Nepal is one of the safest countries i´ve ever been to (except when there are nation wide strikes from time to time).

With common sense and not forgetting your stuff somewhere it should be perfectly alright. Kathmandu Durbar Square is full of people with FF gear and big lenses and i never heard of any complaints.

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What´s that noise? From one of the Canon Forums: 'I just came back from my first holiday with the 5D II (I think my wife was there as well). '

Make that two people.

I had one camera stolen in Malaysia (Canon compact) and a second stolen in Bolivia (Canon compact). I had a third camera destroyed in Bolivia (Nikon DSLR - dust on sensor) and a fourth destroyed in Paraguay (Canon compact - electric shock/water ingress). A fifth camera was destroyed in Malaysia (Sigma SLR - mould) and a sixth in New Zealand (Panasonic compact - water).

India is appalling for theft. Nepal is relatively safe.

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OMG. How did you do that?

In all my travels for over 40 years I never had a camera damaged or stolen.

Malaysia: Girlfriend placed my Canon compact on a restaurant table while reaching for her purse. Camera was stolen in seconds.

Bolivia: Girlfriend's handbag stolen in restaurant. My Canon compact inside.

Bolivia: Dust on the salt plains got onto the sensor of my Nikon DSLR. Shutter-up function crapped out while I was cleaning the sensor and destroyed the shutter.

Paraguay: Girlfriend stepped off bus in the rain, into water that was electrified by a downed powerline. Camera was zapped while I dragged her to safety (I was zapped too).

Malaysia/New Zealand: Sigma film SLR lens destroyed by mould in these two damp countries. Threw the body away as well, since it was full of spores and I didn't want them to infect my other camera gear.

New Zealand: Stepped out of my parents' speedboat to drag it on to an island beach. Remembered too late that I had a Panasonic compact in my cargo pocket. The seawater came up to my waist.

All but one of these incidents happened within the space of 18 calendar months. The year 2010 was my annus horriblis for camera destruction.

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Ok, so it was your girlfriend most of the time

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