Obsessed with Raw ?

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Re: Obsessed with Raw ?

Of course there are old b/w photos that cost millions, mostly because it's a single copy and photographer is dead already. Wonder why people value so much, when the author is gone? Most of those people were living quite poor live before their work became "popular". Though for me there is nothing better from pre-digital that current tech can do with landscape photos, i saw many great huge prints that look stunning and it would be impossible to get such clear and detailed print with film. And with jpg too, since it doesn't take re-sizing too well and artifacts start to appear.

And about raw obsession, like with everything, there are obsessed people, raw is no exception, but i'm sure there are quite little amount of people actually obsessed with raw and not those, that are actually using it and understand why they need it.

If you post mainly on web strongly downsized photos of scenes with small dr, sure, no point. Don't like bothering with post processing? Also raw is bad, without minimal editing it will look worse than ooc jpg in most cases. etc etc.

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