Have you bought a second copy of a camera because you liked your first one?

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Re: Have you bought a second copy of a camera because you liked your first one?

ericN2 wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

No, because I have never come across a camera that was so good I just had to have a second copy. Besides, camera tech moves so fast your second copy will be virtually obsolete before you can even get to use it.

I have never to this day heard anything as to what Bill did with that second camera he bought - it HAS become less of a 'best of bunch' without a doubt, and alas I'm sure now has little value.. maybe something to keep in mind when 'hoarding' one that is believed "the best" when nearly all cameras for ever and anon have always been outdated sooner or later (these days more sooner I think...)

This is certainly a good point to be taken into consideration, but in my case I bought a D90 when it was already 'obsolete'. I like the camera and it suits my usage, and a 400 Euro punt is not a lot compared with the likely cost of any future camera that might make me feel that it isobsolete. Moreover, the real improvements between successive camera models are getting steadily smaller, and the trends in the post-D90 Nikon models don't give me optimism that Nikon are about to release a camera that will make me rush out and buy it. I'm not wedded to ancient technology: no doubt I'll upgrade to the current model at some stage

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