The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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More or less my story too.

I did not see anything in the beginning either. Although there was dust, there was no oil. But after about 1500 images anf having seen the pictures, I could see the coating coming off.

However, I would never have expected this to happen to a 2000 euro camera. And I'm 100% sure I did not specifically check the camera for this of issue. Only after seeing the pictures here, I rechecked and confirmed what probably is a mechanical failure. I cannot be 100% sure it wasn't there from the start.

Before I sent in the camera, I cleaned the sensor with the blower only. There was one minor spot left hardly visible at f/22. So I think oil spots and the coating particals on the sensor and mirror due to the mechanical failure are two independent issues. But you might suffer from both....

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