1DX or switch to Nikon?

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Re: 1DX or switch to Nikon?

Chris J R wrote:

I'm not a Canon or Nikon fanboy by any means but I've been using Canon 1d3's for the last few years and I'm desperately in need of updating my equipment. My bodies are getting a bit knackered (things are starting to not work) and my lenses are looking a bit rough.

I shoot professionally day-in-day-out and often in pretty miserable conditions (I live in Scotland after all!) so I'm in a quandary about what to do with my equipment.

On one side the 1DX looks really ideal but I am a little tired of carrying around pro equipment every day but as I said I work in really wet conditions a lot of the time. On the other side I quite fancy switching to the Nikon D4 but am probably more interested in a D800.

First question, would you say the D800's are fairly robust, meaning can they take a soaking every day. How do the ISO's up to say 6400 compare? Is the 1DX significantly cleaner than the D800?

I shoot a lot of weddings in often really dark venues but don't really foresee shooting about 6400 that often.

Has anyone switched from say a 1D body to using a D4/D800? How was the experience?

Not looking to start a Canon vs Nikon war but I'm looking for some opinions. Stick with Canon or go to Nikon and heavily invest in Nkon?

From the IQ standpoint, the D800 should be better at ISO6400 than 1Dx. But they are different beasts: the 1Dx is more predictable, more reliable.

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