X-Rite i1Pro with RGB printer licence still worth buying?

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Colormunki: 2 methods to save paper...

My method using a specially made ruler and a single sheet of A4 with 2 optimimizations:

Use the 4-1 printing method to compress the printing area to one quarter of your paper surface

Specially made ruler to center the ready eye over the colour patches

Upper area: standard profile procedure and lower area the 2 optimization patches (out-of-gamu + B&W).

Argyll CMS tweaked target to get 572 patches on a single A4 sheet. 2 sheets makes 1144 patches !!!

These are the methods to create profiles. The Argyll CMS enables me to make profiles for others by sending them this specially tweaked target on 1 or 2 sheets of A4. The 2 sheets method will encompass 1144 colour patches, which is significantly more than the 918 patch target of your X-Rite iPro...

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