Dell 2711 calibration question

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Re: Dell 2711 calibration question

NewsyL wrote:

Abrak wrote:

I bought the Dell 2711 a couple of months ago and all is well.

The monitor has a fairly wide gamut and can be operated in different modes - ie sRGB or aRGB. It is factory calibrated to aRGB and I havent recalibrated (even though I very much suspect the screen is too bright.)

My problem is this. I have a Spyderexpress. If I ask it to recalibrate my screen how will it know which mode to recalibrate it? Obviously I want aRGB to be aRGB rather than the best calibration of the entire gamut my monitor is capable of. Isnt the Spyderexpress going to simply calibrate the entire monitor rather than the individual settings so that when I switch to aRGB it might be less accurate than before?

Is that the original Spyder Express or did you mean you have a Spyder3 or Spyder4 Express?

I ask this because the sensor in the original and the Spyder2 Express is not optimized for a wide gamut monitor such as the U2711. Your calibrations would likely be flawed.


OH! Well that is something of a nightmare. I have the Spyder2Express and although I have updated the software, if it is a sensor issue it really isnt going to help.

It isnt actually the end of the world. I was thinking of getting a new color calibration tool - the x-rite colormunki - in any case as I really want to match my monitor with my color prints as closely as possible and that product produces custom icc profiles.

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