The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Nikonfan99 wrote:

Are you saying that you did not have any spots and all of a sudden spots on the floor of mirror box? Are we talking about sensor spots or the mark under the mirror? Sorry I am a bit confused. Also do you feel the replacing the camera is going to keep this from happening with the next body? It seemes this is a design flaw and if so, since it has not been changed, would you not see this again at some point? This also has no impact on images so I am a bit confused as to why this is an issue?

Hi nikonfan

Regarding dust on sensor:

Knowing about possible oil/dust problems I din't looked at my sensor until photo number 600 (aprox.), founding several spotssimilar to those of the lensrental post (here, just in case ). Cleaned it at about photo 760 without any major problems. That was on 18th october.

On 23th, at shot 1259 I looked again and found it in a similar way. I'm talking about 10 spots or so, not huge but clearly visible in a resized size to fit my 24" monitor. Cleaned it only blowing off (sorry if my english isn't good here, don't know the exact terms now), and that was all.

On the 30th, at shot 1617 again the same dust on the sensor. Cleaned it again...

On 1st november same thing, shot 1955 but with 3 short intervalometer movies between (nice feature, BTW) of about 100-200 shots each. So about 600 shots from last cleaned I guess.

Regarding the scratch mark:

When I first saw this thread obviously I looked at my camera. I don't remember the exact day, but was before this last monday. At that moment I saw nothing strange, no scratch at all, so I was hopefully mine camera wouldn't develop it since it had more than 1000 shots at the time.

But yesterday (well, actually it's two days ago) I noticed it when cleaning the sensor, just slightly. It has become more clear since then, until the point that I feel sure that what I'm seeing now wasn't there the first time I looked at.

Same as you, I think this is kind of a design flaw. When I was thinking what to do, on one side I had the hope that this scratch would cease someday without any major problems, but without the confidence that these particles couldn't create a new issue (soild particles going its own way all over the mirror box isn't a nice idea to me...). On the other side, I feel that Nikon will make an statement on this, and probably will offer a free repair, but having to send the camera to get dismounted, repaired, and mounted again isn't as nice as having the chance to return the camera and getting a new and good one in a future.

So I told the story to my dealer (I had the feeling that perhaps I was looking kind of freaky...), and he offered me to return the camera or just getting another. I replied that probably the issue would repeat again, and he told me that I could return the camera then and get a refund. Fact is that I have nothing to lose, and seeing some people here with no issues on dust and/or scratch gives me some hope (very little though...), so I accepted that change.

I love the camera, but I'm very afraid of what I'm seeing. Oil spots get cleaned and that's all (hey, I had them on my D700 and D3s and wasn't a shock to me), but I think that this scratch appearing in a part of the mirror box due to mechanical wear... Well I guess it's something more serious which can have some consequences in future.


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Please, excuse my poor english... REALLY!! When writing this post I felt it couldn't be worse...

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