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Re: Don't argue.....

tedolf wrote:

Kevdog wrote:

tedolf wrote:

David43Fan wrote:

[snip] The E-PL2 sensor will give much the same IQ as his XZ-1. [ Demonstrably false. Tedolph]

The kit lens on an older sensor Olympus will perform much the same as the XZ-1. I know, I own both (E-PM1 and XZ-1). There are differences of course, but they are minor in most situations. [snip]

just put the e-pl1 and the XZ-1 on the DPR Compare-O-Meter thingy. The E-pl1 is much better at higher ISO's. Tedolph

Yes, the E-PL1 (and 2 and E-PM1) are all better at higher ISOs than the XZ-1.  No argument there.

The argument is with the ​kit lens​ on any of those cameras, the performance is largely the same because you will need the higher ISO to match the faster lens of the XZ-1.  2 stops of lens speed equals 2 stops of ISO performance.  Try getting f2.5 at 114m equivalent on m4/3.  It's expensive!

Now once you put a fast lens on the E-PL1, then no contest.  (I just love my 25mm@1.4 and yes it kicks the XZ-1s butt, but it now also costs nearly as much as 3 XZ-1 cameras!)

So I'll say it again.  If you are not going to put other lenses on the E-PL1 (or equivalent), then the XZ-1 is nearly the same in IQ (better in some cases).

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