Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

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Re: Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

hifly wrote:

Alfamonk wrote:

The Super Fine JPEG i've done on G15 are arround 3.5-4.5MB, while the Fine JPEG's are arround 2-4MB. I guess Canon is using a different compression technique, as all my old G9 JPEG's are over 4MB (most of them are arround 7-8MB - i even saw 9.2MB). And they have the same sensor size and resolution!

I suspect Canon may have merely relabelled their 'fine' jpegs as 'superfine' in their latest cams. That is to say the new superfine are not as uncompressed as the pre 2009 superfine jpegs.

Alfamonk, can you check one simple thing? Insert an empty memory card into your G9, set to superfine and Large resolution and note the number of remaining images which can be taken on the display in record mode.

Then do the same thing on the G15, with the same settings, and give us the numerical comparison. Thanks.

Sure thing. Using a newly formatted 32GB SanDisk Extreme HD, 4000x3000 res, in P Mode on both camera (as in Auto i can'set Superfine on G15), i get these values:

G15 Superfine: 5469
G15 Fine: 8692

G9 Superfine: 5935
G9 Fine: 9934
G9 Normal: 9999 (i'm guessing it's too much for it to be displayed)

But, keep in mind that's an estimated number... and it can't be accurate. Specially if you look at JPG sizes (with G9 making them much larger).

Hope it helps

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