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Re: Not true

zxaar wrote:

Tenken777 wrote:

So you are comparing a f1.4 lens with a f2.0 lens? different aperture => different exposure, not comparable, furthermore, the link you mentioned point to a Leica M mount lens, you need an additional adaptor to fit that on to a FF camera thus adding length. Thirdly, the f2.0 lens is manual vs. the f1.4 lens which has AF. Therefore apple vs. orange.

But you might argue that it fits perfectly fine on a Leica M9, keep in mind that Leica designed that lens small but might have some compromises on quality.

clutching straws comes to mind.

This is what happens when you talk without really understanding things.

1. Your f1.4 lens has DOF of f2.8 on FF

2. we were talking about lenses alone and not how much their length would be after adapter is attached.

If you search around, there are tonns of very small lenses for FF in film days. I can find more examples if i search.

Don't give excuses here, just sit down and think why what you said was simple not true. It will hit you, its just a matter of common sense.

Here is a hint: only valid if smallest possible lenses are designed for each format.

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1. Again you're saying f1.4 has a DOF of f2.8 on FF, I'm not disagreeing here, but merely pointing out that f1.4 is four times faster than a f2.8

2. We are not talking about lenses alone but system as a whole

3. There are many small lenses for FF, but what about AF vs. MF? About lens quality when put on a sensor as opposed to film?

Sorry we are not living in the 80's anymore

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