Qv1.1 + DA 55-300 handheld at 300mm

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Qv1.1 + DA 55-300 handheld at 300mm

Hi All,

I've been practicing shooting the Q handheld with adapted lenses, and finally got out to try it in the field. Just some House Sparrows and a squirrel, but the FW update came too late for anything really interesting as subjects.

I used my Hoodman HoodLoupe, and a NoStar screen-type Red Dot sight. Shots were in jpeg 3 star, SR set to 300mm, and lens wide open with the RJ adapter's aperture ring. None of these have been cropped at all, but have been PP'd with Topaz DeNoise and Topaz InFocus and downsized for the web. The Sparrows were shot from between 12' and 15' (4-5m), and all are handheld, standing with no support.

#1   !/100

#2 1/200

#3 1/160

#4 1/160

#5 1/100

#6 1/100

#7 1/100

#8 1/100

#9 1/100

#10 1/400

SR was very effective, especially considering the FL EQ of 1674mm. Focus Peaking, once I figured out some of the fine points, made it relatively easy to nail the focus. I tried both modes for the SR, and found that there was little advantage for me to have SR active full time, so I'll just save the battery and have it actuate on the shutter press.

Images are a little soft, but not lacking in detail, but when the shutter speed got appreciably faster (#10) even finer detail, like the fine barbs on the wing feathers became more evident, so faster shutter speeds or solid tripod support will yield better fine detail (but that should be expected).

IMO, most of the effects that diffraction have at f5.8 can be brought back with good deconvolution sharpening software.

With an EVF, this would be a more workable combination, but a little extra bulk is not really that bad considering the total size and weight. I can get similar shots with better IQ with my K-5, a 300/2.8 and stacked 1.4x and 1.7x AFA (714mm [1090mm EQ]) from a sturdy tripod, but I'd need to shoot from about 8 ft or less with the shorter EQ lens.

One advantage that's not so obvious is that with the longer reach, I can stay outside of many birds' "danger zone" and will be able to shoot them with less intimidation. Add a whole lot of portability and it's not a bad trade off for what I do. Another is deeper DOF at the longer distance to subject.

With the features included in the FW v1.10 update, the Q becomes much more useful to me for what I had envisioned originally. . . and I've yet to obtain the new Pentax K2Q adapter which should add some new dimensions to handheld macro shooting with flash. . .


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