how do you clean your lenses?

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Re: how do you clean your lenses?

I normally carry a "Rocket Blower" in my camera bag, that's for both sensor cleaning and some times for lens,  I shoot with primes for the most part and change lens any time anywhere when I feel like, whether that's in a hotel shooting reception, on the street shooting parades, hiking in the wood.....most of the time the blower will take care of it but sometimes if I see something stuck and can't be blown off, if I am home, I will use the regular lens cleaning cloth to wipe it, and if I am out in the field which I don't normally carry all the cleaning stuffs, I just use pretty much anything I have, tissues, T-shirt, the front element is not as fragile as most people made it sounded like, I don't use any UV filter for protection either, it's pretty cheap to replace the front element even if I actually damaged it, front element is actually pretty hard to get scratched, unless you hit some hard and sharp object,  it's highly unlikely you will damage it from cleaning it unless you use some sand paper, both myself and some of my working pro friends have had front element replaced on varies different lens, the repair cost is dirt cheap compare to the price of the lens itself, so really got nothing to worry about,  the last one I remember is my friend had his 70-200 2.8 IS front element replace for little under $200 or $250, he bumped his lens into some other photographer's camera while we are all fighting for a good spot one time when we covered the local event, the front glass actually cracked, and it cost even less for my 135L few years ago when I sent it in to have front element replaced.

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