Just cancelled my D600 order

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Re: Just cancelled my D600 order

Understand about your trip and timing.

Just would like to mention to you, that myself I will go to that same region of the world this December and I will take with me only (1) lens that is 16-85 which will be just enough. If I take enything else it will be 35mm F1.8 for low light photography.  I had 18-105 lens and I see it so close in quality, that I'd not hesitate to take it instead of 16-85.   I would take 70-300 only in case if I'd plan to photograph wild life or birds etc.

Most likely i will take with me D7000, but there is good probability that I will take D40 instead.   I used that set on many trips with great results... so if D5100 (or new D5200) find your interest (as somebody is suggesting), it may be all you need with existing 18-105.

There are many points of view and everybody will be correct.  You need to make decisions on your own.   All Nikon cameras, even those cheap ones do provide good exposure and deliver quality.  I'd rather would pay more attention to camera/lens seals, humidity resistance, water resistance and protective gear, then to sensor density or newest camera model desires.  Also, I'd pay attention to things like filters that may be life savers in some circumstances.

Previously I said about new F4 lenses for the reason.   Those will have much better weather protection and seals then consumer grade lenses, also D7000/D7100 will give more protection as the body of that cam is well made.  On another hand low cost body and low cost lense like 18-105 will be less costly to replace in case of any mischap.  You are the one who know how you will be using your equipment there, so you will be the best judge yourself to answer question: - what I want to take and expose to humidity/water riscs, or rough treatment.

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