Obsessed with Raw ?

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Re: are you serious?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

griddi wrote:

Just a question, why are so many obsessed with taking their photo's wth RAW ?


It's not an obsession. Jpg is not even an option for me most of the time.

I for myself cannot see a big difference, if at all, between photo's taken with just JPEG, or with Raw.

Then you need to spend some time on your skills.

If you don't bother doing any adjustments to your photos in post then there's shouldn't be much, even though I really dislike panasonic jpg colours.

Also what about photo's which were taken when there were no digital camera's, or computer's,

Were they shot in RAW? If not, how are they relevant?

By the way ... that was a joke. RAW is the digital equivalent of a negative. From which a great deal of further processing was performed in a lab in order to produce a print. This was the moral equivalent of working the final image in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.

Seriously ...

Maybe we should all stick with the most basic cameras with full auto settings then? There's no doubt that we can get fantastic photos out of them.

and I think these photo's were very good.


Life is about choices, and shooting in jpg really limits the choices I can make in post. Why limit yourself when you don't have to?

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