From NEX 7 to OMD EM5

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Re: From NEX 7 to OMD EM5

Sold my NEX-7 a few weeks ago and picked up the OM-D today.

I loved the ergonomics of the NEX-7, but wasn't happy with it for a few reasons:

Magenta corners with some lenses I have

I could never get the colours looking 'right' easily.

Horrible menus

No weatherproofing

Lack of lens selection (I know this is improving)

Picked up the OM-D today, with the grip, and my first impressions are very good.

Feels solid, still not as nice in the hand as the NEX-7 though

No easy way to review images in EVF (without fiddling with a few settings) - a bit of a pain

Overall though, I prefer it to the NEX.  Haven't had a chance to critically review images and compare, but from what I have taken today, I'm pleased with the output.  The colour rendition seems is much better (for what I prefer).

No regrets! Both are great cameras..

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