K-x color problem or not ??

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Re: JPEG colours improved in K-r

Paradigm Changer wrote:

imatest results from imaging dash resource dot com show that saturation excess and hue deviation are greater in the K-x. While the test gets revised from time to time and may be getting more accurate in detecting deviations, it may still be worth mentioning that both cameras outperformed the K-30 (but note, the K-30 would have been tested with a more recent test version).

For what it's worth, the K10D outperforms all current Pentax DSLRs on JPEG quality, being the only Pentax to beat some of the Canikon competition, but again, consider the version of the test. The K-5 has even more saturation excess in default JPEG, but less hue deviation than the K-x. K-r outperforms K-5, but then many K-5 users probably shoot RAW, so the JPEG output is not a big criterion for them.

Pentax has a bit of a reputation for being more of a RAW-shooting company, which works great for me.

It should be noted that the Imaging-Resource (IR) Imatest colour results are for the default JPEG settings and Pentax uses the Bright setting as it's default for maximum visual impact at the cost of colour accuracy in saturation and hue.  One can easily change to another profile or make one's own custom profile to modify saturation and hue for each of the colour channels so as to match what colour rendering one requires.  I suspect that if IR did a colour test on the Natural colour profile which is not boosted as to saturation nor modified as to hue, that the results would be very colour accurate.

In summary, the posted results are for default JPEG settings and don't reflect on the colours of which the camera is capable even for cameras produced JPEG's.

Regards, GordonBGood

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