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Re: The end of K5 history?

The K5 brings two things to mind as of late.

1: Pentax didn't want to keep selling it at such a price ($900 and falling, much lower in some places) because many people would have bought it and been completely happy for several years to come. This would put a dent into their sales of soon to come models, as well as what's already here (K30,K5II).

2: The original K5 is such a great camera that it evokes this anger from other brand loyalists. They think, "how could such a small insignificant brand (Pentax) best what I have with X brand"? Searching for a reason to this seeming contradiction, they end up with a very bias mindset. "yea yea I know the K5 has an IQ score of 82, is fully weather sealed, and it has over 14 stops of DR but it sucks...". The lack of logic among arguments shows the mental issues they are having. Nobody could (honestly) deny the K5 is the best all around APSC camera ever made, until it's replacement now.

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