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Prairie Pal wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

+1. This is how social media works. Its the consumers' balance of power. It is very difficult to rally enough people who would actually participate in a class action suit. For the most part consumers have grown accustomed to being ignored and short-changed. So communication and knowledge sharing at the grass roots level is vital to have a small degree of protection

That is great info and all but what has been proven so far by anyone here? So far lensrentals THINKS a higher level of dust shows up in the d600 yet they dont do wet cleaning and only have suspicions of what it MIGHT be and the scratch on the lower part of the mirror has also not been tested or proven properly to cause any issues and also has not been proven that it is part or caused during assembly. A whole lot of assumptions and guess work with no real scientific tests or evidence. What would a class action result in? what would the cause of the class action suit be? Dust on a sensor? You think that would fly? how about many cameras having dust issues prior to the d600? google flickr, dust & nikon and read posts going back to 5 years ago about dust or what people saw as "a lot of dust". Nikon is not going to do anything accept silently replace or clean cameras or parts on a case by case basis. This is what they have done for years. I dont know why people dont get this process. You have the camera not working or dying? fires or damage caused by faulty parts? injuries caused by the d600? class action i think not. come on really?

First, try to focus; I am endorsing the role of social media as an outlet for balancing power. I was not suggesting that a class action had any merit for dust on a sensor. Second, respect peoples' right to express their opinion. And if you don't like reading posts about Nikon's emerging reputation for mass produced inferior quality control you shouldn't open the threads. Nowhere in Nikons marketing material does it mention the propensity of the D600 to require constant and very frequent cleaning nor the expense involved in performing that required maintenance. They do not mention the time and interruptions to one's work flow involved to monitor images for spots and edit them out. If unreasonably frequent cleaning (caused by the camera's own internal issues) was common in all or even most cameras it would not be incumbent for Nikon to admit to the fault. But that is not the case. I had to wet clean (even scrub) my first D600 more in the first 500 clicks than I did my D40, D60, D60, D70, D90, all put together even though I constantly changed lenses outdoors in the countryside. I've never had to touch the sensors on my Panny GF1 or Oly OMD. If Nikon would refund the money to purchasers so they could move on to a different model or brand you would not see me complaining. But I think unless people catch on to what is in store for them after the return period is over they are going to be stuck holding the bag on this one. That is of course assuming that those types of burdens of owning the camera is bothersome to them, which apparently is the case judging by the "number of threads" spreading around the internet.

I am actually very focused. So you think nikon should state that you need to clean your sensor often? or more often? You think after doing that people will know at that point how often or it will mean less of these units sold? What bag are you left holding? The bag of cleaning your sensor often? At avarge of $2 per self cleaning how heavy would that bag be? This is a real issue and yes you have a right ro complain but perhaps we are all now aware of the listed your previous cameras. You own a d3 or d7000 cause they had and still have dust. So some research in the part of the buyer would let them know how nikon thinks dust is okay to a certain level and only replaces parts in the most extreme cases. The point is people dont do any research and think nikon should fix this. They wont! you will see it appear or reappear after any supposed repair. This is a design flaw that is not going away

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