Sony in the Red but Fujifilm in the Black!!!

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Re: Sony in the Red but Fujifilm in the Black!!!

Judging from the volume of traffic in the Fujifilm forum here, there must be a lot of new users. There has been a huge increase in traffic from 2010 where those camera sales figures come from. One of the larger forums after Canikon.

In the long run I think Fuji is going the right way with ASPC size sensors fro mirrorless cameras.

Whilst a fixed lens ff mirrorless is nice camera to have, it does not make sense when we have to add huge interchangable lenses to tiny bodies. Makes a mockery of having small highly portable compact cameras with high IQ. This is a field that belongs to DSLR's. Sensor technology will continue to improve. Flexible lens FF for mirrorless is just an evolutionary dead end outside of a fixed lens arrangement.

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