Day 2: A99 vs A900 - high ISO

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Re: Two action shots

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

Have you had a chance to try the AF-D yet?If so,how do you think it stacks up against your 7D.I would be interested in your impressions.Thanks.

Hi Robert, indeed I used AF-C. A99 currently don't support AF-D for my 70-200G (due next year). As far as focusing performance wise, my brief impression is that A99 not as quick & reliable as 7D, not even close, but better than A900 that's for sure. I still need more time to get a good grip of its AF system, will report more.

Thanks for the reply.I thought you also had a 70400g,which is why I asked if you tried the AF-D mode.Anyways,I look forward to some more impressions later.


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