My 85mm 1.8G just arrived!

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Re: My 85mm 1.8G just arrived!

CalifJewls wrote:

rubicon wrote:

You'll love the 85! I recently changed from zooms to primes on my D700, my line up is Tokina 17 3.5, Nikon 28 1.8G and 50 1.4G and last but not least the 85 1.8G.

I love this line up, and now maybe Nikon will bring a 135 1.8 to market?

I have no real plans to upgrade my D700, I have no use for the D800, but I might think about selling, my Dx cameras and getting the D600, but not now.

Have fun.


Thank you! Jealous of your 50mm 1.4G still have lots of love for my 1.8G.. If you don't mind me asking, what do you love to capture with your 28mm 1.8G? That just may be my next lens..

I use the 28 for landscapes along with the 17, but just to get wider than the 50.

I have not had the 28 that long so i have not gotten all the use I plan on using it for.

I take the 28 into crowds,[street] and its a good car show lens,  I have a couple photos on flickr with the 28 [palmerb16] take a look if you care.


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