To DPR: Withdraw post option error message in error

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Re: To DPR: Withdraw post option error message in error

ericN2 wrote:

BAD..isn't with such a lot more as yet in this newfangled Forum style.. but basically I think the Options are so...

As with a general EDIT have TWO attempts at any Edit on ANY post..BUT there is a time limit - still yet unknown and stated accurately but I believe it could be no more than about 30 minutes after the first-time posting

Withdrawal - I've done this once or twice and certainly if you actually make a Post then fairly quickly wish to withdraw it - the "Withdraw post" has always worked for me without any doubt.

The othe main necessity for a withdrawal of a post that there must have been NO responses whatever to that post..if there are no responses and it is in the time limit then I see no reason at all why ANY withdrawal should not be allowed.. as mentioned..I've done it several times with NO bother..but it has been within a very short time AFTER the original posting.

Maybe one fine day we shall be given a positive time scale on how and when this can be done - when severall other baffling things are maybe also explained better than right now !!

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The withdraw post limitation is stated in the error message. As it is currently, the text involves a lot of double negatives. I agree that it's pretty hard to understand.

To clarify, the limitations are:

  • Post is visible to everyone (e.g. not deleted, not previously withdrawn)
  • No reply has been made to the post
  • You can withdraw within 5 minutes of posting the message
  • You are the poster

The edit post function works up to 15 minutes of posting the original message and up to a maximum of 2 edits.

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