Please help me with camera/lens decision.

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Re: You can still use pretty wide apertures...

bermb wrote:

Great pic!!!

Thank you!

What do you think about the 18-135 STM for all around use and the 50 1.4 for portraits?

I've read mixed reviews on the 18-135 STM.  I would personally a little bit extra and buy the 15-85mm instead for the following reasons:

1.  The 15-85 IS offers noticeably better image quality.

2.  The 15-85 IS has USM autofocus, which is faster than STM autofocus.

3.  15mm is much wider than 18mm.

4.  85mm is long enough for a lot of general shots where you might use 135mm.  You can often walk a bit closer for shooting candid street scenes, for instance.

5.  You could follow up with a decent-quality longer zoom later, and in the meantime probably won't miss 85-135mm that much.

... but then I don't care at all about smooth focus for video, which I don't shoot at all.

As for the 50mm f/1.4, I think it's a fine choice for a portrait lens.  It can be prone to halation and general fuzziness at f/1.4, though it is quite nice by f/2.  The only drawback is not the wide-open performance, but rather the fragile build; but if you baby it, it will probably give you good service for many years.  Because of the build issue I would buy that lens new, not ever used.

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