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Re: funny thread

MightyMike wrote:

To your first point... so this means nothing, absolutely noting is reliable and therefore everything is unreliable... why do we even have the word reliable then if nothing can be reliable as everything will break down at some point or another. I guess the reliable word is just a waste of text and breath.

You went to the other extreme.

About the water... a one off case not even related to the K-5... you need glasses i suppose, only the truth hurts?

Did you go to the link I posted? have you seen the K5 screen before writing this?

The AF issue, yes lots of jibber jabber by just a very tiny few people who have had the problem in the grand scheme what about the other 95+% of us who keep saying we've never had this issue?

Yes, the fanboys say things are perfect. Pentax improved the perfect stuff. May be you can read Pentax interview at Photokina by DPR to see if Pentax agrees with the fanboys.

> Give me a web link where I can find a genuine Pentax adapter M42 to K mount. I'll buy it. Not used, fake or third party uncertain stuff. I want the Pentax one. It was sold about a year ago with a lot of buyers. Why did Pentax stop it?

Well you asked for it, but you might not like the price of it.

Everyone understands that henrys does not sell them. Compare with the price at B&H. Why did Pentax stop selling them? Too bad.

So yes nothing is reliable by your definition,

No, my computer is reliable. My phone is reliable. I do not have to take a back-up with me.

so why should it be an issue that the K-5 has had a few isolated little flaws. sure you can criticize it but lets keep some perspective


The OPs projected perspective was near total doom and gloom that every K-5 is nearly useless

In the mind of fanboys everything said is going out of proportion: 80 posts in half a day!

. its a small sampling of faults all blown way out of proportion in order to antagonize forum readers because thats what trolls do, they exaggerate.

You are doing that! lol!

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