Why not allow OM-D EM-5 posts in this forum?

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Re: Refuge

CollBaxter wrote:

Refuge is what I think some m4/3 users need and that's why they post here. The other forum is full of noise. Actually its like a lunatic asylum run by the inmates. They need some to look and listen and not just talk/shout about their situation.

Those coming back to post here probably do it because people here understand photography and not just new toys. That's why we are still here. This does leave us with a bit of an impasse.

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is full of noise.
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Typically I am in agreement with your posts, but I must humbly intervene on this one. While I certainly sense the witty tone of this post, there is a seemingly sardonic undertone which I think undercuts the photographers on the m43 forum. The lunatic asylum comment is just plain funny, but what bothers me is the comment about "new toys". I have an E-1 and an OMD, and I can confidently say that the OMD is a serious photography tool - and while I'm young, I'm a pretty serious photographer.

In fact, don't you have an OMD (I could be wrong here, but for some reason I thought you did)?

I simple point that I'm trying (and perhaps failing) to make is that having a "new toy" doesn't negate ones photography skill or knowledge. When the E-3 was released, this forum was rife with real photographers celebrating their "new toy," and likewise, there will be more of those posts when Oly announces the E-7.

I, as a dual-system user, agree with having the separate forums - but let's not get into the whole "The equipment makes the photographer" paradigm like Kieth did in his negative post.


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