Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

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Re: Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

Not to rehash all of these old, tired discussions again but....

There are differences between large sensors and small sensors other than strictly technological. That is to say, the high ISO noise response of the G1 X is inarguably better (how important that is remains subjective), but large sensors have different artistic uses. And the G1 X optics are also superior despite, once again, being a matter of how much that is worth to each individual.

The RX100 is a good camera. The G1 X is a good camera. My old 10D was a good camera. A 65MP medium format back on a nice body is likely a good camera. The purpose of the camera and the preferences of the photographer will determine the significance of every major or minor difference. For me, Sony menus are enough to keep me away from anything but the most mind blowing advance in camera technology were they to ever reach that point. The RX100 to me is more of a shot at the middle ground than the Nikon 1, and neither one reach the balance I personally required. For that matter, the G1 X won't do everything I want, but that's exactly why demanding and particular people like myself own more than one camera and more than one lens.

Gary, I know you already know all this.  I'm not directing this comment at you.  Just interjecting into your conversation.

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