Should I buy Nex 6 from CHINA?

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Re: Should I buy Nex 6 from CHINA?

Hard to answer for someone else.

For me I would take the 30% off. The apps would be cool and all and there may even end up being a few that I would really use often, but generally it would probably be something I play with for awhile then forget about.

Really it would probably save me more than the 30% because I wouldn't be spending money on buying apps as well. 

You might want to check if you can change the firmware to give that functionality. I live in China  and if that can be done, local vendors will be doing it.

You have to decide for yourself if this functionality is worth it for you. Everyone is different. I don't care about touch screen for example almost never used it on my NEX-5N so when I moved to a NEX-7, I never missed it. I wouldn't have wanted to pay extra for it but some people will not buy the NEX-6 or NEX-7 because that functionality is missing in those models.

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