Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

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Re: Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

Guy 2 wrote:

This may sound like a silly question but could I ask your opinions on if it is better to import images from cards on your pc via Lightroom or Adobe Bridge,? I currently use LR4 and have Bridge 6 but I always use LR. I wondered if there was any real advantage in using either software to import images. I currently import a fair few images over a year, (many thousands) and rely on date order and naming of files to re-find them.

This has worked ok so far but wondered if I should be doing something differently, so your suggestion would be welcome. I guess thinking ahead when I "clock my cloggs" someone may need to go through all my images. So should I be making it easier for them from now on.?

Thanks for your time. Guy

Personally I find Bridge to be a mess in comparison to Lightroom.  I couldn't imagine importing w/Bridge now.  Maybe if I had used Bridge first then went to Lightroom I'd see things differently.


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