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Re: Too bad the thumbs down feature was removed

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

oklaphotog wrote:

I didn't see anything inflammatory about the OP. Those are acceptable concerns.

The "concerns" he mentioned were:

- The mechanics is not reliable: mirror locks up and you pay half of its price to repair it.

A very few people have reported this problem. It is fair enough to be concerned that his own K-5 might have this problem but not acceptable to label the camera unreliable on the basis of a few breakdowns. Every mass-produced mechanical device suffers a small proportion of breakdowns without deserving the description "unreliable".

Unreliable means you can not always rely on it. If it can break down when you need it, it is unreliable. It happened to people on the forum. It is true. You do not like it, it is another issue. It does not mean trolling, BS ...

- The weather proof, so much advertised by some (paid) people around, is not true: dust and water gets inside the LCD screen. As a result a new screen is given to the KII/KIIs.

This is simply wrong. The new screen is designed to eliminate internal reflections and improve visibility; it is nothing to do with weather sealing. Many of us mention that our Pentax bodies are weather-sealed when asked about the good points of our cameras: to suggest that we are paid to do so is wrong and insulting - in other words, it is inflammatory. This point is neither a true concern nor acceptably phrased.

check ricehighDOTblogspotDOTcom/2012/11/a-k-30-died-within-seconds-upon-small.html for example. Do not say not true when you do not know. Now, paid is surrounded by parenthesis as it does not apply to every one. Only the truth hurts.

- The K5 takes fast "great" but blurred pics as the the focus is not good. Pentax replaces safox IX by safox X.

Every maker has progressively improved its AF system since it was first introduced. Some K-5s front-focus in very dim light (dimmer than most cameras could AF in at all a few years ago). It's a legitimate concern for use in low light but not acceptable to suggest that the K-5 generally focuses badly.

There is a long list of discussion on DPR about the problems of FFocus, BFocus in dim light, tungsten light, red colors ...

- There are a lot of available old lenses (M42) to use with it, but there is no adapter.

First, it isn't true: there are several adapters available. Second, how can it be a concern (acceptable or not) that a maker doesn't provide new equipment to enable use of lenses that haven't been made for decades? This makes as much sense as criticising the K-5 (or any other DSLR) because it doesn't take film.

Give me a web link where I can find a genuine Pentax adapter M42 to K mount. I'll buy it. Not used, fake or third party uncertain stuff. I want the Pentax one. It was sold about a year ago with a lot of buyers. Why did Pentax stop it?

I said that the K5 (that I own, even if it hurts some here) can be criticized. I did not say it is no good. I have the right to write what I see as flaws. People can correct me and give more information to readers. You do not like the way it is said it is ok. There are ways to say it. But treating people of troll, BS, liars are manners no one can be proud of. Over reacting, following the crowd to through the stones, because it is fun, and trying to justify it, is just a miserable behavior.

Go have fun with your gear.

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