Monticello- Home to Thomas Jefferson

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Re: Monticello- Home to Thomas Jefferson

DaveOl wrote:

Thanks for the comments

A person on another forum suggested that there was too much sky and grass so I changed the crop. Here is the revised image. I did take a few photos with my D80, but did not get 3 images of the building because my wife was waving to come along with them. Can you do stitching in Lightroom 3.6. That is the only software I have. Unfortunately, I'm not really good with it yet. My relatives wanted a picture of them in it in front of the building. I should have done that and then stayed to take 3 pictures of the front of the building with the D80. Exposure on the main entrance was bad with the p&s since I did not put it into Manual exposure.

I did not feel I could ask the workers to move out of the picture as they were planting the garden at the time.

I've never used Lightroom, so I don't know what it can do as far as compositing.  As far as the shadows go, I think the building either needed fill light or hdr.  If you expose for the shadows then everything else gets blown out.  You mentioned not being able to get the workers to move.  That gave me an idea.  I wonder if they would have allowed you to photograph them.  A close-up shot of the workers in action with the building filling the background might have worked really well.  I always come up with ideas after I'm done shooting.  I'd be a much better painter than photographer if I had the time to learn to paint.  Anyway, I agree that this crop is better than the first.


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