Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

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Re: Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

PaulRivers wrote:

GaryJP wrote:

Trolling for Halloween?


And yes, I do use Sony. But for IQ my Sony RX100 does not match my G1 X. Not even close.

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While I am never, ever arguing that rx100 is better or equal to the g1x, it's also seemed to me that grand claims about the differences comes down to consistent - but very tiny - differences between the two. "not even close" always seems to mean "a really tiny improvement in detail" or "a tiny improvement in dynamic range".

Well, an improvement that's "tiny" to some photographers is not so "tiny" to others. There are those who will argue that there's no need for the improvements you can get in RAW or that a pocket camera is only slightly less good than a DSLR and that there's no need for DSLR's any more. I am not one of them.

My bodies include a 1D MkIII, a 5D MkIII, 60D, Lumix GX1 and micro four thirds system, the G1X, several others in the G range, the Fuji X10, and the RX100. For me, the best balance between portability and image quality is the G1 X. No doubt about it. The RX100 has some other advantages, but really I'd have to have MUCH worse sight than I do to think it trumped the others (except the X10) in IQ.

The OOC JPEG softness of the RX100 is more than a "tiny" difference to some of us. And noise shows up fast.

Others don't care about squeezing the best out of their equipment and that's fine for them.

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