X10 Sensor Replacement

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Re: X10 Sensor Replacement

targa88 wrote:

I suppose my concern is the inconsistency of the approach by Fuji.

In the US = quick turn around with complete camera replacement.

This might be a function of the number of cameras being returned. Quicker to expedite replacement cameras than the time/labour to replace the lens/sensor assembly.

That being said when I contacted Fuji Canada:

One week turnaround to complete replacing the sensor/lens assembly. Despite the fact that I acknowledged on the evaluation sheet that I would accept a new camera.

This has now turned into 4 weeks+, without a camera.

First = FC comment: "we are sorry but the one week turnaround is only for X100 & X-pro cameras not x10."

Second = FC comment: "we don't have enough qualified personnel to replace these assemblies" (which would improve the turnaround time). Apparently my camera sat for more than 3 weeks without being touched.

Third= they have run out of parts. Awaiting a shipment from Japan. Who knows when that will arrive?

How do you distinguish between a new camera (serial # 22 +) and an old serial number #14?

Particularly given that this is now a widely exposed (poor pun) issue.

There is no apparent escalation process = where to lodge a complaint.... Furthermore the caveat in the evaluation form refers to the issue of replacing the camera depending on parts availability.

End of rant.

I finally received my X10 back from Fuji Canada's service center in Mississauga, Ontario just yesterday after having sent it in over 6 weeks ago for the sensor replacement.  Looks like they replaced the sensor/lens assembly and not the entire camera, as it has the same serial 14A serial number that I had sent in.  Initial tests look quite good with no more evidence of orbing, so I'm happy... but the loooooong turnaround time was definitely a trying experience.

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